Think, Provoke, Inquire

Terry Linton, IB MYP teacher, Coordinator, Educator, Leader

I am currently the MYP Coordinator at BIBS. BIBS is in Beijing, China and I have been here for 5 years. Altogether I have been in China for more than 10 but lived in Indonesia for five years during that time.

I currently teach mathematics and have taught MYP Sciences and Individuals and Societies. I, along with my team, led BIBS successfully through the Authorization process. As well as being a workshop leader, I am a school visiting team member, a reader and a moderator examiner in the MYP. I am also the chair of the MYP coordinator network for North China and Mongolia.

As a teacher an administrator and as a parent, I am constantly thinking about how to develop myself in all areas. Continual self-improvement is the goal and is a topic of thought and discussion. Please give me some feedback if you see anything that provokes thought in you.