20 Things I want to do in 2020

As I reflect on 2019 and the past decade, I also look to the future. What can I do that is going to create some stories? What can I do that will provide memorable experiences and make life the fun and the adventurous journey it is meant to be. I quickly threw together this list, and it is quite Beijing centric as I live here, but, takes into some of my travels as well. I’m a parent of four-year-old twin girls as well, so some of the aspects are parent related. So here is the list, put any further items in the comments section! 

20 cool things I want to do in 2020

  1. Ming Tombs – Unesco world heritage site in the Beijing area. Never been. 
  2. Peking Man site – Also, a UNESCO world heritage site. 
  3. Visit a tier 3 or 4 Chinese city near Beijing for an evening! 
  4. Grouse Grind – Going to Vancouver this year. I’ve done the Coco Crunch but not the originator. Fitness is something top of my list for 2020
  5. Feed the bunnies at Jericho beach. Apparently, this is popular. My girls will love it. 
  6. Take girls to Vancouver aquarium. I love to see their sense of wonder at these types of places. 
  7. Have dinner at Dark Table. This is a blind dining experience in Vancouver, and I am inquisitive about this! 
  8. Try Sensory Deprivation tank in Beijing AWA Salt and floating therapy 
  9. Learn how to make dumplings properly! I love dumplings and mine are sub-standard. 
  10. Be on a podcast for the IB. I have been invited and really want to do a good job of this. 
  11. Rome – hit up the major tourist sites, but also some catacombs. I’m doing the PTC in Rome end of June and haven’t been in 30 years!
  12. Dive for Mantas in Nusa Lembongan. 
  13. Take the kid to see a show – like Disney on Ice 
  14. Great Wall hike – at least once a year! 
  15. Visit Bread of Life Bakery in Langfang 
  16. Do an escape room 
  17. Take kids to Shanghai Disneyland 
  18. Take the kids on an overnight camping experience
  19. Do a staycation. I like these, wife not so much, so, I’ll take the kids solo. 
  20. Boys Retreat with 3 Pints

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