Interview Questions – Teacher Interview

A few years back I polled some top school administrators for a resource on their favourite interview questions. Here are the results. Special thanks to Karen O’Connell, John McBryde and Paul Sebastian.

  • What interests you about the job and why are you interested in working at (school name).
  • Please share with us some of your areas of strength?
  • Share with us some areas you wish to develop in yourself?
  • If you had to set some goals for yourself what would a couple of goals be?
  • How do you develop relationships and trust with your students, parents and team members?
  • Talk to us about how you would set up a literacy or math programme in your classroom.
  • Can you give some examples of assessment strategies you use with your students?
  • Talk about how you have worked with teams to discuss, plan and implement and share learning.
  • If I walked into your classroom what would I see that indicates that students are learning.
  • Describe what inquiry looks like in your classroom?
  • How would you resolve conflict within your team or with a parent?
  • What value add could you add to the school outside of the classroom?
  • Transition to a big school and new country – what challenges might you face?
  • how would students describe you?
  • What is your assessment philosophy?
  • When students get a grade in your class, how do they know what that means?
  • How do you get to know kids beyond the classroom?
  • Can all children be leaders?
  • How do you develop leadership in your students?
  • How do you encourage/ support a collaborative learning community?
  • how do you communicate with parents?
  • What do parents say about you as a teacher?

  This list is by no means complete, however, an honest answer to each question puts you well on your way to being well prepared for your job interview.

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