Qualities of a bad leader

Together with my friend Neil Westcott, we came up with this list based off some of the leaders we worked with. Further addtions provided by Gavin Johnson. Anything missing from this list? Anything you disagree with? Comment please.

  • Lacks transparency
  • Inaccessible
  • Uses PA or secretary as a buffer
  • Puts parent communications before staff communication
  • Puts interests of parents before students and staff
  • Blatantly lies
  • Abuses power
  • Engages in nepotism
  • Ignores strengths
  • Overloads those with ability and ignores the weak
  • Hoards information and uses it as currency
  • Builds factions not teams
  • Allows people to become disenfranchised
  • Does not promote staff development
  • Does not invest in professional capital
  • Casts blame and makes scapegoats
  • Talks  about staff and colleagues in a nonprofessional way
  • Throws people under the bus
  • Makes promises without adequate planning
  • Lacks reflection – after-reports are not followed up on
  • Poorly planned meetings -agendas not done and minutes poorly taken
  • Lack of follow through on most initiatives
  • Insensitive to local culture
  • Poorly organised
  • Creates a culture of entitlement
  • Flip-flops on decisions if deems them to be unpopular
  • Ego driven and thrives on self importance
  • Lack of self-awareness with low EQ
  • Poor moral compass, low integrity
  • Shows favouritism to those that do not question them
  • Ignores email
  • Indecisive – or makes decisions slowly

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