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3 Pints – Men’s Professional Development

Statement of Inquiry Collaborating and sharing with friends from diverse backgrounds and ambitions may lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.  The Back story  As my buddy Curt Dracz is quick to point out, I like reps: I’m on a mission to develop my skills as a professional consultant, workshop leader, teacher, and coach. […]

Personal Tutor Program leading to self efficacy and agency

Personal Tutor Program This year we have implemented a personal tutor program. Each student has a teacher assigned to them. This teacher develops a relationship with the student that will see them through their life at the school. Meetings are held with the student and their family and weekly meetings take place with student and […]

Top 7 Discussions you need to have with your middle school aged child

Frequently at our school, we share with parents some discussion points they can use to open up dialogues with their children. An example of this is asking the question how do your children manage their own states of mind? The following are the top 7 discussions you need to have with your middle school aged […]

Interview Questions – Teacher Interview

A few years back I polled some top school administrators for a resource on their favourite interview questions. Here are the results. Special thanks to Karen O’Connell, John McBryde and Paul Sebastian. What interests you about the job and why are you interested in working at (school name). Please share with us some of your […]

Classroom Expectations

The following is a list of classroom expecations for our classrooms. This was devloped collaboratively. Come prepared to learn & engage. Bring everything you need & mentally prepare to participate. Respect others in what you say, do and touch. Be polite and do not disrupt others’ learning. Practice active listening. Looking at a speaker can […]