Personal Tutor Program leading to self efficacy and agency

Personal Tutor Program

This year we have implemented a personal tutor program. Each student has a teacher assigned to them. This teacher develops a relationship with the student that will see them through their life at the school. Meetings are held with the student and their family and weekly meetings take place with student and their tutor.

Personally, I am finding the personal tutor programme as it exists to be quite time consuming however I am learning so much about our school, our students, their perceptions and it is making me become a better teacher.

Self Efficacy

A key role of the teacher is to help students develop self-efficacy and agency. Self-efficacy is an individuals belief in their ability to achieve goals. People with high self-efficacy have coping behaviours and are able to sustain in the face of obstacles.

For us to help students understand their goals, achieve them and strive to achieve more we must develop deep caring relationships possible with one-on-one interactions.

A statement of Inquiry

A possible statement of inquiry could be:

Developing caring relationships may lead to increased student self-efficacy and agency.

Suggestions for improvement?

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