What does being a Risk-Taker mean?

1. From your point of view, how to define” risk-taking”?

Risk-taking may be defined as taking academic chances. This is when you are not sure of if your answer is right or wrong, but you still try. Risk taking is about taking chances, about putting yourself out there, about not worrying about people judging you. It is about trying new things and owning the consequences, but not being afraid of what people think.

2. what is the meaning of “risk-taking” for a student?

For students, it means the same as above. It says, putting your hand up when you are not sure, it says, volunteering answers and engaging in debates. It means defending your position and opinions but also being aware that you could be wrong so important to listen to others with an open mind. Being a risk taker is about trying new things and being brave. Another way of looking at is academic bravery. The IB at some point attempted to change the idea to Courageous as risk-taking took on the idea of jumping off a cliff or something silly like that, but we are looking at the academic and scholastic life so in the context of that, what kind of risks do we want students to take.

3. How do our teacher teach the student to be “ risk-taking”?

It is essential that classrooms are safe, that students can take risks without being made to look foolish or stupid. That teachers reward students who take chances and encourage others to do the same. As well we teach students by showing that we are not infallible that we make mistakes, that part of being human is learning from our mistakes. We also inform them that sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than from our success as this is where personal growth takes place. Part of our units involve reflection both as teachers and as learners, and this reflection is where we can look at our own personal risk taking.


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